1. confederate, league, unite, unionize, unify, conjoin, join with, join forces or hands, band together, team up, Inf. gang up, side with, go or go along with, take part, Inf. hitch horses; join, combine, couple, yoke, pair, join together, bind together; wed, marry.
2. associate, interassociate, identify, relate, interrelate, correlate or corelate, parallel, draw a parallel; connect, interconnect, link, interlink, equate, tie.
3. confederate, partner, comrade, comrade in arms, associate, consociate, socius, yokefellow or yokemate, companion, helpmate, helpmeet, Obs. help-fellow, co-worker, co-aid, co-partner, consort, confrere, sidekick, friend, Chiefly Brit. mate; conspirator, fellow conspirator, conspirer, conniver, abettor, accomplice, accessory or Chiefly Law. accessary, partner in crime, Sl. gun moll or moll; collaborator, coopera-tor, contributor, participant, participator; (all of nations) satellite, captive nation, puppet government or regime.
4. analogue, correspondent, coordinate, correlative, correlate, compliment, companion, mate, equivalent; relative, kin, fellow; twin, mirror image, duplicate or exact duplicate, close match, close imitation, reproduction, facsimile, copy, replica.
5. helper, aid or aide, attendant, acolyte, deputy, subsidiary, adjutant, coadjutant, coadjutor, coadju-tress or coadjutrix, adjunct, adjuvant, adjutator, Obs. adjutor, auxiliary, ancilla, second, man Friday, henchman, right hand, right-hand man.

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